Shri Agrasen PGTT college

July 20, 2024,
Keshav Vidyapeeth, Jamdoli, Jaipur
‘NAAC’ Grade ‘A’ College
(Affiliated to University of Rajasthan & NCTE)


The Computer lab with high seeped internet connectivity (4 MBPS leased line) with 35 computers connected in one network.

The use of computers has become inevitable in all the walks of life and so in our College we emphasize the computer training for our students in various ways. We have developed very good computer application laboratory and internet facilities. Our students can use sophisticated facilities such as Silicon Graphics for computer-aided drug design in their research.

Internet facility has been provided to the students in our computer laboratory where the students can online look for jobs/placements in India and abroad. It has also become very convenient way for them to search for admissions abroad or post-doctoral fellowships etc. through the internet. This facility helps

our research students very much to undertake literature surveys for their dissertations and Thesis work through the World Wide Web and the different search engines available for this purpose.